About me

Nerdy INFJ dog mom.

Who I am

As a creative leader and designer, I take pride in cultivating the genius of diverse contributors, co-creating amazing things together.

Working with me

I may be a Dog Mom, but working with me is like having a cat colleague ūüėļ:

  • Independent:¬†I¬†thrive with creative freedom.
  • Observation:¬†My actions are strategic, purposeful and data-driven.
  • Agile:¬†I¬†adapt and pivot comfortably.
  • Balanced:¬†I¬†enjoy solitude, but value collaboration.
  • Unapologetic:¬†My quiet, candid leadership style is my superpower.
  • Naps:¬†Mental health is a priority for me and my team.
  • Silly-buggery:¬†I¬†believe in the power of play for creativity.
  • Appreciation: You will be appreciated. You have no choice.

Contact me at rashmibeladesign@gmail.com, or just DM me on LinkedIn.

Stay in touch

Some ways to keep tabs on me:


I like to stay in touch with my Design network here, and often post new and upcoming roles. When I'm feeling extra fancy, I'll post content about team dynamics, equity & accessibility, and facilitation.


Though I'm not as active on Medium, this is where I'll post some case studies and more long-form content about leadership and workshop facilitation.

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