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Workshop facilitation

Meetings suck—especially in a remote environment. For creatives, meetings can be a waste of time because they eat into precious time that could be used designing, writing, and actually making their organizations money.

Agile workshopping has become a time saver for my teams. They can be done either in-person or remotely, and for virtually any topic that requires decisions to be made collaboratively. They build camaraderie, forge alignment, and enable teams to make decisions quickly.

UX operating focus at CareRev

At CareRev, the Design department faced significant downsizing, and needed to recalibrate priorities and support remaining team members. To address this, I designed a 1-hour, remote workshop to identify key concerns, and assess the team’s emotional state. Through the workshop, actionable “How Might We” statements were created concerning work quality, prioritization, the design system, and preventing burnout, to be addressed in future weekly meetings. Despite the challenges of restructuring, the workshop facilitated open dialogue, forged stronger connections, and provided a solid foundation for future growth.

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Purpose & vision for Women in Tech

Having recently chosen their leadership roles, the Women in Tech CareNetwork (Employee Resource Group) at CareRev now needed to create their charter, including their Vision, Mission, and Pillars (AKA values). I facilitated two 45-minute remote workshop sessions to assist the team with creating and refining these statements. Together, the team adopted a progressive vision focused on advocating for equal pay, knowledge sharing, and safety.

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Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD)

The Product team at CareRev was interested in shifting their focus from reactionary prioritization to one that was customer-centric. The Jobs-to-be-Done framework seemed like the perfect place to start; However the Product team needed training on using it. I designed and facilitated an engaging, 1-hour remote workshop to introduce the framework, and walk the team through an example use case. Together, the team role-played the process from user interviews to the creation of their first Job Story.

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Visual design


Brand strategy