UI enhancement: DV Snapshot

DV web-host product backup scheduler | GoDaddy, d/b/a Media Temple 2017

Project Summary
Ensuring brand consistency of our product UI was a key function in my role as a senior designer at Media Temple. DV Snapshot was a new feature in our DV web-hosting product offering designed by our UX strategist. It allowed users to schedule regular backups to their site(s), and restore backups when needed. My UI enhancements served to infuse interest and order to a somewhat bare bones interface.
The task

Enhance the UI of the DV Snapshot feature.


  • Make component patterns consistent with existing branding/design enhancements
  • Provide mockups of all possible use cases (provided by lead user experience strategist)
  • Ensure the UI be accessible at all responsive breakpoints


  • Prototyping resources limited, file organization was key
  • UI patterns were still in a state of flux, keeping consistency was challenging

My role

I was given a set of wireframes from the UX Strategist. From a few other projects we had done previously, we had some existing UI patterns, but some elements required new/custom components. I took inventory of which existing patterns were available in order to ensure which items required further thought and design.

Working with the other senior designer on the team, we split up the mockup work. Branded fonts and sizing were used, and grid and spacing defined. Patterns such as error states, confirmation states, buttons and other actions were assigned colors and icons in order to show branding and personality. Mockups also defined patterns, sizing and behavior for three responsive breakpoints.

At completion, we sat down together and ironed out any inconsistencies that existed in relation to one another’s work. Final delivery consisted of a prototype delivered with Adobe XD to be shown to stakeholders for buy-in.


The greatest lesson learned per this project was the importance of a pattern/design system library for multiple designers to use, edit and pull from. As connected as I was to my teammate, we still had inconsistencies in how we initially designed newer custom components. A final discussion on our thoughts behind each pattern was an integral part in solving these inconsistencies. As a result of what we learned from this project, we would go on to advocate building a pattern component library for the team’s use on any similar projects going forward.

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