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Product design

My journey in product design as an individual contributor started with refining UI elements and enhancing visuals, but it’s evolved into something much deeper. I’ve developed a profound commitment to balancing user and business needs while maintaining a keen eye for visual excellence.

As a design leader, I draw upon my leadership framework to guide the next wave of designers—nurturing their craft, cultivating empathy, and instilling an agile mindset to keep the team adaptable and innovative. For examples of projects that I’ve directed at the management level, feel free to reach out!

UI enhancement: DV Snapshot

Ensuring brand consistency of our product UI was a key function in my role as a senior designer at Media Temple. DV Snapshot was a new feature in our DV web-hosting product offering designed by our UX strategist. It allowed users to schedule regular backups to their site(s), and restore backups when needed. My UI enhancements served to infuse interest and order to a somewhat bare bones interface.

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Feature enhancement: Football Score Center

As a senior visual designer at Genius Sports, I worked closely with UX strategists on white-labeled products like Score Center—a fan engagement platform for betting on multiple sports types. I refined the UI of the new football score center MVP: polishing look & feel, ensuring MUI component adherence, integrating pitch animations, and redesigning the play-by-play feature for better accessibility and clarity. Score Center was ultimately still in development upon my exit from Genius Sports, but the great strides we made on this product helped solidify UI standards for future digital products.

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Validated UX enhancements: Shift experience

As Founding Designer at CareRev, I was instrumental in early enhancements to the accessibility and user experience of the CareRev mobile app for healthcare professionals (HCPs). Two major enhancements in 2021 made it easier for HCPs to find shifts that matched their preferences and their schedule: Date navigation, and shift filters. Aligned with CareRev’s mission to solve professional burnout in the healthcare industry, these enhancements made it easier for HCPs to add flexibility to their schedule, and ultimately be their own bosses.

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Brand strategy


Visual design